Arı Kremi Bee Balm
Adabahçe Bee Balm

Unlimited use from eczema to psoriasis, from skin care to fungus, from hair to toes. Now in our store with all the purity of nature.

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Adabahçe first harvest honey

It is our lightest and light yellow honey that heralds the summer and contains the scents of spring in its nectar.

adabahçe binbir çiçek balı
Adabahçe Flower Honey

Harvest in August. In early July, the hives taken out to the highlands due to the warming of the weather are home to the delicious pollen and syrups collected by our bees from the highland flowers during the summer. Our healer honey, which is a panacea, is produced from thousands of highland flowers.

Adabahçe Kestane Balı
Adabahçe Chestnut Honey

It made by our bees feeding from the chestnut trees. Our friends with diabetes, blood pressure, and all chronic diseases can consume it.

adabahçe köy tavuğu
Adabahçe Town Chicken

Our staff completes the spawning efficiently, prepared in a hygienic environment and halal slaughter. Shipped in special protective styrofoam. You should come in the morning for more freshness. 🙂

Adabahçe Town Egg

Our chickens in the village environment , they make their fresh eggs for us every morning. Some of our chickens are white, some are black. We are not racist. They make it in the color they want. Color is not important to us , the taste we care about.

Adabahçe Natural Vinegar

Clean, Healthy and Natural.

Our vinegars produced from the delicious harvest of 2019 are produced by completely natural fermentation method.

Adabahçe Natural Tarhana

Immaculate, Healthy and Natural. Our tarhana, which is produced from the delicious vegetables of 2019, has been dried in completely natural conditions in clean air and under the summer sun.



Who are we?

Here are exactly what we appear in this photo. AdaBahçe Tarım was established for our son Adahan. We wanted our son to be fed the most natural products.

Adahan was born with congenital atopic dermatitis eczema. Every doctor we go to and every time we search, we learned he has a milk allergy. We learned that milk and all products of milk should be eaten less or not at all. You have to follow these statements exactly because those itching attacks you have in front of your eyes and your inability to do anything are the worst moments of your life. He drank coconut milk in the morning, noon, and evening for 2.5 years. Every night we patted until morning. Wad of money for little creams… Actually, we realized that it causes more problems as organic and inorganic products than milk and dairy products. From 2017 to 2019 May, we did all the courses and theoretical research of the business. We started to decide which area to choose. We eliminated cattle breeding immediately because we couldn’t. We have reached the level of being able to do sheep and goat farming with beekeeping, poultry, and poultry breeds. The theory was complete, but we said it would never happen without practice. And finally, we wanted to start with the most precious food, honey. We said this job can’t be learned without a bee sting and we started to learn business with a master. Then, we put a small chicken coop on the underside of the bees. We said enough if we get our own food here and we bought 25 chickens. We got scammed here for the first time. An uncle gave us all the old chickens he had. He said ‘’ These chickens young. ‘’. God bless you, uncle, we hope you are still well. Then we learned that limbs such as feet, crests, inside wings, beak, etc. are important factors by working for free in a coop. We bought another 100 chickens with the liming made after the chickens that died. Cow golden milk from aunt from the dairy next to the farm, eggs from her own farm, our pure real honey … (Honey was strictly forbidden.) Adahan started eating all of them and he never slept without drinking honey goat milk every night. Some nights he also chooses “milk with chestnut honey” and he never ever itches. Pollen was forbidden, We fed it from our own pollen, provided that it was in moderation. He was itching when he ate an egg but now he eats two eggs a day. We want to say, the problem is not in the food problem is additive. For this reason, we started our trial production with different feed rations that we prepared by compiling our research and adding our own interpretation. In this ration and the AdaBahçe Tarım family, we kiss the hands of our sisters and aunts from Çanakkale Biga, who share with us the capita peppers they picked with their delicate hands. We are assertive about honey, chicken meat, and eggs. We placed our bees next to all the flowers and water that we detected by shooting amateur drones. We sprinkled a thousand and one flowers in the flower baskets we had prepared for the puddles they were close to. Think about it, all of our family elders have diabetes, heart, blood pressure, and similar diseases, and each family consumed at least 8 kg of honey in 1 year. We only gave it very control to our babies because all of our honey contains pollen. And when we say pollen, we are talking about an essence that is collected from 2 thousand flowers a day. That’s why we always say; “We care about our family and your family.” Consume safely. Welcome to AdaBahçe Tarım family.



our dedicated staff


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